Key features

ZebraOTT deliver a premium experience

ZebraOTT deliver your live on-demand content to new audiences

Zebra OTT a modular set of turnkey components, is an affordable and available option for deploying live and on-demand OTT services. ZebraOTT is is easy-to-deploy cloud-oriented solution that enables cable, satellite and IP/OTT TV service providers to deliver video content to multiple mobile and desktop devices, smart TVs and STBs. It is flexible and can be adapted.
ZebraOTT is ideal for small operators, such as hotels, shopping centers, hospitals. Zebra OTT is committed to the delivery of a premium viewing experience for its audience on any screen, and deploys the latest technology to optimize its operations.

ZebraOTT Content Management

ZebraOTT Content Management is core part of our platform, as this is place from where you are able to manage every single part of your platform. Content management system provides you ability to serve your users better by engaging with them more efficiently. Zebra CMS is a multi-purpose tool used for managing your content, VoD, adding users, configuration streaming server, etc.

From here you can manage things such as:

  • Channels
  • VOD
  • Genres for channels and VOD
  • Subscribers and Prepaid clients
  • Billing (Packages and Subscription periods)
  • Analytics (Statistics and Reports)
  • Data and Streaming servers
  • Monitoring
  • Backend configuration
  • GEO zones configuration



Zebra OTT transcoding system is ideal for those looking for the flexibility of multiple input and output format options, such as HD. A cloud-based platform, like ZebraOTT can handle a very heavy transcoding load, with impressive speed – making it one of the most effective and cost-efficient systems available. 

Make stream capturing easy from sources such as Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial or another IP source. Once when stream is captured you can directly ingest it, or you can send it to ZebraOTT Transcoder for transcoding. ZebraOTT Transcoder is piece of hardware and software which can run on any Linux based machine. With ZebraOTT transcoder you can transcode up to 15* MPEG-2 channels in to MPEG-4 per one device.

* Minimum hardware requirements are Intel Core i7 with 4 GB of RAM memory.


Content delivery


With Zebra OTT you can integrate multiple CDNs – so you can deliver as much content as you want, when you want, how you want – whether you wish to deliver Live Stream or Video on Demand. And you can enable dedicated Media Hosting for whole distributing your content in state-of-the art HD quality.


On demand 


Video on demand (VOD) are systems which allow users to select and watch to video content when they choose to, rather than having to watch at a specific broadcast time. ZebraOTT technology is often used to bring video on demand to televisions, personal computers, tablets or mobile phones.

ZebraOTT VOD systems can either stream content through a set-top box, a computer or other device, allowing viewing in real time. ZebraOTT allow providers to offer both VOD streaming, including pay-per-view and free content, whereby a user buys or selects a movie or television program and it begins to play instantaneously. Our VOD solution can ingest multiple files, transform them into multiple formats in various resolutions, and then encrypt and package them and check quality — all in one step for each targeted network and device. Our software-based approach scales with your needs and facilitates ongoing improvements, in video quality and transcoding speed, as well as adding new functionalities or supporting new devices.

ZebraOTT Video-on-demand prepares your video content ready to be consumed anytime - anywhere.




Electronic program guides (EPGs) and interactive program guides provide users of television, radio, and other media applications with continuously updated menus displaying broadcast programming or scheduling information for current and upcoming programming.

Zebra OTT EPG service is offered as a cloud. The EPG for a bouquet of TV channels can be provided, offering you a bespoke EPG service should it be required.

Stream capturing


ZebraOTT make stream capturing easy from sources such as Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial or another IP source. Once when stream is captured you can directly ingest it, or you can send it to ZebraOTT Transcoder for transcoding.