Live streaming & VOD

Delivering content in an exciting and dynamic format

ZebraOTT live streaming & VOD is a powerfull tool. 

Give online viewers front row seats to local events as they are occurring with the live streaming solution from ZebraOTT. ZebraOTT can assist in broadcasting your event over the Internet to an online audience around the world. Compared to any other form of live video distribution, online  broadcasting is extremely cost effective.

Quickly deliver your messages to viewers around the world by combining the power of streaming digital video with the vast reach of the Internet. ZebraOTT simplifies streaming with integrated solutions that make delivering high quality, H.264 video both easy and affordable. Engineered to provide live streaming with a flawless workflow, ZebraOTT live streaming media encoder and live streaming service work together to deliver your programming live over the Internet.

Improve your services by adding a streaming video-on-demand channel. The streaming video-on-demand services from ZebraOTT make it easy to maintain and display a customized, online video library site for viewers to access anytime, anywhere.