Make big things simple

ZebraOTT offers you support for all the major professional video and audio file formats, systems, and wrapper variants.


ZebraOTT Transcoding is a proffesional transcoding solution for fast, high-quality transcoding of live and on-demand video streams for multi-screen devices. It provides you tools for processing and preparing your content for delivery. ZebraOTT converts from virtually any source format to a full range of web, mobile, edit, VOD, MXF and all leading broadcast server formats. ZebraOTT Transcoding compresses live TV signals to any format and resolution while maintaining a video quality and reducing costs. 

ZebraOTT encoding process produces quality encoding. All videos are run through filters including black / white restore and gamma improvement. Our 24/7 encoding facility equipped with the latest technology to enable you to stream pre-recorded audio and video content on the internet. We produce high quality streaming media files in all formats. All videos are captured full screen and pre-processed. Additional editing is available if needed eg. adding titles or logos.

Export Formats Include:

  • Multiple streaming Audio and Video formats 
  • Windows Media for digital cinema, HD DVD, web, and multimedia  
  • Flash video (FLV) 
  • Real Media
  • QuickTime 
  • H.264
  • MPEG-4 for streaming 
  • MPEG-2 for S-VCD, DVD, and HD DVD 
  • MPEG-1 for VCD and multimedia
  • DVD